Another Mask

I haven’t written anything for several months. In the midst of another lockdown. The image I have chosen is an ink drawing. Looking down at the ground. Leaves, debris, grass and a mask. The possibilities of mark making in such an abstracted view has always been of interest to me. I draw each blade of grass, or each stone or each leaf or stray petal and this I find meditative.

8 October 2020

Getting ahead of myself once again with drawings of Winter. Must remember to be present in future! But having said that being present is a complicated state. Drawing is a process which makes you present and mindful and concentrated in the moment but in respect of my landscape drawings at the same time unearths memories of places once visited, in this case, North Yorkshire. Once visited, almost 15 years ago, to be precise, in this drawing of trees. Through drawing I am reminding myself of this place because I did this drawing 4 days ago. Perhaps not revisited then perhaps exploring how I feel about this place. How I am trying to find the patterns as well. See, I told you that being present is complicated. We are a mess of our past our present and our desires for the future all in the same moment.

3 October 2020

Trees in urban space and a boundary. Mark making and differences in tone. Wires in the distance and a wall. The arc of the tree and the foliage. The design of a road at an end. Pattern making and marks in ink on paper. Why choose this view against many alternative standpoints? Hard to say but it had to be this view.

Landscape and Memory

This charcoal drawing is a view of the River Trent in Nottinghamshire. Riversides such as this are part of the landscape I was familiar with before I left Lincolnshire to live in Sheffield and then London.

Nearness and distance, line and textured areas and evoking silence or at least a calmness. These are elements which are attractive to me. When this image is placed against other unrelated drawings there is an emerging narrative that can go in many directions. How exciting that is! Imaginings coming from memory and going back to memory once more. See