This drawing is mostly a reflection of the trunk and roots of a tree on a riverbank. It seemed to me to be a curious contrast between the static nature of the roots and the constantly changing surface of flowing water. But then tree roots are alive aren’t they? It is just that you can’t see them growing. That’s where a speeded up film would come in useful.


It has been a while. Why is this? I think that I am trying to do too many things and in the spirit of this blog trying to fill my days so there is ‘Never a Dull Moment’. That is nonsensical because there are such activities as sleeping, eating, staring at the wall, thinking, overthinking and generally going round in circles. The drawing below in contrast has a sense of permanence and stillness. It is a building which is on the High Street in Pinner. As you can see in the drawing it quite clearly declares a date. A point of reference if you like for a street which existed long before the Metropolitan Line and the London Suburbs existed. This building was known as the Victory Public House until that closed following some violent and sinister goings on and was then taken over by an upmarket Pizza establishment which closed during the pandemic. It remains empty.

Another Mask

I haven’t written anything for several months. In the midst of another lockdown. The image I have chosen is an ink drawing. Looking down at the ground. Leaves, debris, grass and a mask. The possibilities of mark making in such an abstracted view has always been of interest to me. I draw each blade of grass, or each stone or each leaf or stray petal and this I find meditative.

8 October 2020

Getting ahead of myself once again with drawings of Winter. Must remember to be present in future! But having said that being present is a complicated state. Drawing is a process which makes you present and mindful and concentrated in the moment but in respect of my landscape drawings at the same time unearths memories of places once visited, in this case, North Yorkshire. Once visited, almost 15 years ago, to be precise, in this drawing of trees. Through drawing I am reminding myself of this place because I did this drawing 4 days ago. Perhaps not revisited then perhaps exploring how I feel about this place. How I am trying to find the patterns as well. See, I told you that being present is complicated. We are a mess of our past our present and our desires for the future all in the same moment.