On 30 July I spent a few hours drawing in Foodie Wuwdies, a cake shop on the High Street in Pinner. What a gorgeous way of spending a few hours. Here is one of the studies.

cake I


Loudon Memorial


loudon memorial print I098


This is the drypoint print from my drawing of the Loudon Memorial in the Pinner Parish Churchyard. This memorial was erected in 1809 by John Loudon , a horticultural writer.  It is a tall mass of masonry, shaped like an inverted ‘V’ with an arch pierced at the base, filled with ornamental ironwork.

European Black Pine

This Intaglio Print was made from drawings of the European Black Pine which stands on Love Lane in Pinner at the entrance to the car park to the Pinn Medical Centre and Marks and Spencers. It stands alone in such an incongruous place next to a car park and road junction and yet remains, despite its isolation, majestic, beautiful and inscrutable.

pine print intag091