War Memorial

It is estimated that over 600 men from Pinner served during WW1. Those who died are remembered on the War Memorial in the High Street, Pinner. This memorial was unveiled in 1921. The names of the commemorated servicemen are listed on 4 metal plates, one on each side of the memorial. Another plate was added at the end of the Second World War in 1945 in remembrance of servicemen killed during WW2 and subsequent conflicts. This is my intaglio print of the memorial.

war memorial intaglio print I

This memorial is located in the High Street, Pinner. On the 11th November at 11am each year the silence is observed around this structure and wreaths are laid. I have observed this happen and it is moving, dramatic and timeless and the space in which it is set is wrapped in English History.




The most prominent feature of the churchyard of the Pinner Parish Church is the Loudon Memorial erected in 1809 by John Loudon, the horticultural writer who greatly influenced London’s squares and who created the definitive Victorian villa of suburban London. The memorial was erected to make the grave of his father, William. This is my drawing.

monument pinner parish church I

Never a dull moment

It might have something to do with the environment of my formative years, but the image below is of an architecture and the immediate surroundings, a garden which is treated with care, which resonates. It’s not important that this happens to be a bungalow, a semi detached house would equally  have the same effect, it is the design reminiscent of 1950s and 1960s estate houses that resonates.


never a dull moment

This is a location called Dickson Fold, part of the West End Lane Estate in Pinner.